Food Tours in Delhi – The Perfect Way to Discover Delhi

What is the most happening trend in Delhi—check this out—food tours in the city! Introducing to you a brilliant activity; offers the maximum opportunity to explore Delhi to the fullest.

Delhi Food Tours (DFT): Started by Prastant Kalra and his wife, DFT is one of the best and the most reliable food tour operators in the city. A day spent with them is like a rollercoaster ride—it offers what it takes to remain the best. DFT avoids larger group, its regular tour group consists of 2 to 8 people. DFT also stands out from the crowd because it gives attention to even the minute details, which many consider unnecessary, such as spice tolerance, allergies, and guests sensitivities. What must you watch-out for—its famous DFT Signature Food Tours, Cooking Classes at Mum’s Kitchen, BBQ Masterclass with Dad’s Grill, and DFT Prime & Dining Clubs. Choosing DFT also means, you are in safe hands, for it does not outsource any work to contractors; each job is executed by the family members.

Food Tours: Its famous Food Tours is divided into two timings; Lunch Tour and Dinner Tour; the former at 12 P.M. and the later at 6 P.M. Food tours are conducted mostly within South and Central Delhi¸ where one can sample various cuisines migrated from all different parts of India. A typical tour covers up to six different restaurants, complimented by signature tea tastings. And as you savor the food, Mr. Junior Kalra (Founder of the Group) explains the history and the origin of each item on the table, and how to eat them the right way! It charges Rs. 4000 or $ 80 per head, which includes unlimited food and beverages, transportations, and even down to hand sanitizers.

Cooking Classes at Mum’s Kitchen: It charges Rs. 5000 per individual, and requires a minimum of two participants. If you are traveling on a string-tight-schedule, and wanting to explore how Indians run their kitchen, now you know where to go! DFT usually sends out cars to pick the guests at 10:30 A.M., so that cooking can start by 11:15 A.M; to meet the lunch timings. Besides, this is no ordinary house; it is mansion where Mrs Kalra (Junior Kalra’s mother) feeds over 20 wild peacocks that keep coming back every day. She teaches from how to make rotis and dals, to how to cook traditional chicken biryani, to making Indian desserts and etc. And at the end, the group savors the food in jolly mood.

BBQ Masterclass with Dad’s Grill: What about learning BBQ from the best in the country? Mr. Senior Kalra (The founder’s father) has entertained man of many calibers, including the Prime Ministers of India—all it takes is Rs. 5000 per head! Indians have a unique way of BBQ-ing meat using various spices and ingredients on charcoal. In this session, Mr. Senior Kalra will teach you how to BBQ chicken, mutton and fish, the authentic Indian way. It starts at 10 A.M., which means pickup time will be at least 45 minutes head of the session. There has to be at least six people for one session; got to finish the BBQ meat, right!

DFT Prime & Dining Clubs: DFT also organizes various events and parties; both large & small, and outdoors & indoors—in case you are in town are running out of ideas, give them a ring. It also organizes excellent dining experience for young adults, where likeminded people gather under one roof to share their interests. Another mesmerizing concept is its dining experience for expats—offers exclusive cuisines on minimal fee (Kindly note that expat dining nights take place only once a month—call them for information).

Contact Details: Ph: +91-956-000-2222, Website:


Delhi Food Walks (DFW): Founded couple of years ago, DFW was started as a small group which would organize food tours for foreigners and tourists. But within months, it grew into a larger group—a celebrated food tour operator in the city. Today it caters to localities, young people and corporates. It initial tours encompassed only the North Delhi area, but at present it has extended its wings across, Connaught Place, Kamla Nagar,  Chandni Chowk, Paharganj and Chittaranjan Park. This tour operator offers three different packages; Students, Tourists and Corporate, which are conducted at different geographical areas.

Walk in Connaught Place (CP): This place has its thing going on—the gastronomic delights of CP never cease to surprise even the most seasoned Delhiite. From budget options to the completely luxurious, the food menu of this place is indeed pretty well distributed. Fast food to traditional, global cuisines to experimental, the restaurants and eateries of CP have it all. Walk into Galina or the United Coffee House, and you would realize why CP continues to be a ruler on the food map of Delhi even today!

Walk in Kamla Nagar: Kamla Nagar is located right next to Delhi University (North Campus), a popular shopping destination. Amid these shops are one of the most popular eating joints; whether you possess an eclectic taste of having a continental or Chinese cuisine, or are looking for that delicious glass of cold Lassi, this market place never disappoints. Popular ones are, Tom Uncle’s Maggi, Keventers (Shake Square) and etc. Do not count out bhelpuri, chacha ke bhature, tandoori momos…!

Walk in Chandni Chowk: Shahjahanabad, now popularly known as Purani Dilli or Chandni Chowk, was originally a city built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, in 1648. Though known for its intricate alleys and eclectic shops, Chandni Chowk is a food walker’s paradise too. Be it kachoris, jalebis, chole bhature prepared in desi (local) ghee, gajar ka halwa, or choicest Islamic meat preparation, Chandi Chowk is the place to be.

Walk in Paharganj: Paharganj has seen a lot since its time being a bustling grain market when the city was called Shahjahanabad, to now being a place filled with tourists, backpackers and college students looking for affordable accommodation and restaurants. The 70s saw the hippie movement coming to India and paharganj became an important landmark—with it hotels and numerous restaurants mushroomed serving global cuisines. It’s like serving all imaginable cuisines under one roof!

Walk in Chittaranjan Park: The long standing bastion of Bengalis, formerly known as EPDP colony (East Pakistan Displaced People) is nestled in a quaint corner of South Delhi. Sprinkled by numerous food joints, this park with its various markets has a huge array of tasty treats to choose from, such as various Kathi rolls to the quintessential Mishti Doi. Though the best time of the year to visit Chittaranjan Park is during Druga Puja, this market is sprinkled with goodies.

Contact Details: Ph: +91-989-112-1333, Website:


Masterji Kee Haveli (MKH): Making it to one of the most fascinating food tour operators list in the city is Masterji Kee Haveli. The aim of this group is to make the tourists feel at home and experience Delhi in the most authentic way. MKH also conducts cooking lessons for all food enthusiasts. The group operates daily and offers four popular tours; Shah Jahan Early Morning Sunrise Tour, Half Day Morning Delhi Tour, Half Day Afternoon Old Delhi Tour and Full Day Old Delhi Tour. The tour is conducted in and around Old Delhi, also known as Shajahanabad (The old name). Walking on foot and rickshaws are its mode of communication during the tour; it also aims to help travelers familiarize with Indian heritage, culture, tradition and culinary.

Shah Jahan Early Morning Sunrise Tour; Half Day Morning Delhi Tour & Half Day Afternoon Old Delhi Tour: To partake in these tours, MKH charges $ 50 per head—duration; four hours maximum. The packages include rickshaw rides, visit flower market, temples, spice market, and sampling street food. It also includes visiting heritage markets, engaging in numerous activities and food sampling. The tour ends with a complimentary traditional breakfast in haveli.

Full Day Old Delhi Tour: Individuals will have to pay $ 100—duration; seven hours maximum. It includes; rickshaw ride, visiting Dariba Kalan (Silver Market), Kinari Bazaar (Wedding Market), temples, Spice Market, and sampling and tasting food old recipes along the way. The group will have lunch at a local restaurant and ends with a complimentary dinner at haveli.

Culinary & Cooking Tour: Most interesting of them all is Culinary and Cooking Tour! This tour is divided into two batches, morning and evening tours. Morning tour starts at 10:30 A.M. and evening tour at 4 P.M.—in both the tours, the group offers complimentary lunch/dinner at Masterji Kee Haveli. It changes $ 75 per head—inclusive of rickshaw fares, tasting and sampling street food, visiting Spice Market, buying vegetables, interactive cooking sessions, ingredients and etc.

Contact Details: Ph: +91-981-075-0217 & Website:


1100 Walks: A very interesting group, which not only provides food tours but specialized in various walks is 1100 Walks. This operator is more of an exploration and celebration of the city, which helps in discovering the multi-layered fabric of Delhi. The walks are led by Himanshu Verma, one of India’s emerging arts curators (He also runs a multi-disciplinary arts organization called ‘Red Earth’ based in New Delhi). The journeys hence straddle many worlds, a 360 degree approach to the city. 1100 Walks offers workshops on various aspects related to Indian culture and the arts, like cooking workshops, floral decoration workshops, art and music appreciation workshops and more. This operator has an already laid out calendar, which you got to watch-out for—customized tours are also conducted on request. Its famous walks are; Color Walks, Festival Walks, Nature Walks, Water Walks, Food Walks, Religion Walks, History Walks, Miscellaneous and Urban Villages. Its food walks is divided into two areas; Food and Faffing Walk: Pahad Ganj, and Food Walk: Old Delhi. If you have time, do check out their Urban, Religious, Water and Color Walks too!

Food and Faffing Walk: Pahad Ganj: Duration: 4 hours—Mode of Commuting: Walk—Meeting Point: Connaught Place—Timings: Customized—Only vegetarian items. In this area, the group will explore the food geography in the city, and sample special traditional Indian foods. It will give you the opportunity to explore classic recipes that have stood the test of time, and enjoy also the cosmopolitan pleasure of devouring food from all over the world in New Delhi’s hippie tourist district. Famous places you go through include; Jalebiwala, Main Bazaar; German Bakery, Main Bazaar; Choor-choor Naan, Multani Dhanda; Sitaram Dewan Chand (Chole Bhature); Kaleva (Sweet shop) in Gol Market; Panchayat (Pan shop) in Connaught Place etc.

Food Walk: Old Delhi: Duration:  4 hours—Mode of Commuting:  Walk—Meeting Point: Chandni Chowk—Timings: Customized. This is the walk which one will dig centuries old recipes and delicacies. The journey will be through narrow lanes, exploring and sampling the food paradise of Delhi. Want a glimpse of places you are very likely to visit? Khari Baoli, Asia’s largest spice market; Chawri Bazaar; Paranthe Wali Gali; Amritsari Lassi Wala (yoghurt drink); Jalebiwala, Dariba Kalan (sweet shop); Sitaram Bazaar for Kulfis (Indian ice desserts) etc.

Contact Details: Ph: (011) 4167-1100, Website:


Food Enthusiasts of Delhi: Another great group which conducts memorable food walks in Delhi is the Food Enthusiasts of Delhi. This is not a typical food tour, but more of a food march! Initiated by Shashank Aggarwal in December 2013—this is new venture which offers customized services to foodies. Unlike other food tour operators, FED does not have a designated destination, time and budget, but depending on the customer’s choice, the tour is conducted. But no matter what it is, FED sure promises a gala time to foodies. Would you want to take a glimpse of what the tour might look like?

Delhi 6: This is the famous walking and rickshaw tours of Old Delhi; Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazaar, Sita Ram Bazaar and Jama Masjid. The tour includes trying out vegetarian and hardcore non-vegetarian items.

Kebab Trail: It comprises an evening savoring the famous kebabs around Delhi, from streets to fine dining.

Veggie Delight: In this tour, customers will nourish mind, body and soul tasting 100% pure vegetarian delights.

Chicken Express: Delhiites love chicken, and you just can’t miss the varieties of chick Delhi has to offer! This tour will take you to various popular destinations to try the ever delicious chicken across Delhi.

Cosmopolitan Delhi: If you want a want to take get a quick look at what Delhi has to offer, those items that have traveled across the boundaries, it has to be Cosmopolitan Delhi Tour.

Contact Details: Email:, Website:

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