Uzuri Deck & Dining — The European African Hurdle!

“If you fall in love with the place, I wouldn’t blame you!” Located at GK II, M-Block Market, Uzuri is a destination, spread across two floors — this place is a thunder. This might sound funny and silly, but most people are under the impression that Hauz Khas Village will only get better, but restaurants like Uzuri has proven us wrong. It’s a standalone restaurant, serving European cuisine blended with African cuisine.
The first floor is a charm; the ambience is very relaxed, and this is also the fine dining section. The décor is entertaining and creative! It has incorporated tons of African elements. Parts of the walls look like animal skin, and on them African look-alike artifacts and paintings beautifully hung. The sitting arrangement is right-on-the-dot; I would not complain about it. It is comfy and the animal prints furniture looks chic. But if you want extra comfort, there are couches pushed against the wall, it’s nice to snug in them. An extra bonus point I would give to this place is that the toilets are always fresh, which as you would agree is a rare attribute in the city. The upper section of the restaurant is the bar and lounge section; known as the Deck. It has both indoor and outdoor sitting areas; there is no negotiation with the pleasantness at the deck! Both the sections can accommodate 50 covers at a time.

What’s more interesting! Chef Guy Clark, Master Chef South Africa Season I the finalist and Chef Rishmi Sachdeva, who spend most of his life educating and working in the UK, have designed the menu. Head Chef, Chef Clark says, “We use some very specific ingredients which are available only in Africa, and what we serve is a complete blend of European and African cuisine. It’s a very tricky process, but we have discovered that, the more African we create, the most Indian it becomes.” Also, Chef Sachdeva adds, “We have spent over four months to even draw a rough sketch of the menu. Yet, the menu is still evolving because we want to produce the best in our kitchen.”

‘Home Smoked Confit Salmon Fillet’ in Pickled Kohlrabi, Cucumber, Fennel, Sesame Seeds and Horseradish, and ‘Tenderloin Carpaccio’ in Pear Rosemary Dressing and Parmesan Asparagus Shavings are two covers from the menu I would not miss-out. There is something about the garnishing and the way they are processed! They’re also one of chefs’ favorite, and concurring to our decision, customers in the restaurant gave us a thumbs up! ‘Coffee & Paprika Crusted Tenderloin’ with Truffle Compound Butter, Marrow Roast Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables is another delicious item. The rich earthy taste and the strong smoked flavor create a strange flavor which is truly exotic. As for vegetarians, ‘Herb Quinoas Salad’ is extremely rich from the Salad Section; with each bite your palate will appreciate the rich herb. ‘Artisan Bread with Toppings,’ from the Appetizer Section is another great item most customers had agreed upon so far —lip-smacking good. Again, ‘Grilled Vegetable Ratatouille’ from the Nature Section is a palate knocker.
uzuri-deck-dining (1)
Gaurav Parwani, the owner says, “In my experience, there is nothing like spreading through word-of-mouth, fancy ads seldom work. Having said that, Uzuri is a complete new concept and I want people to come and experience the other side of Delhi. After spending over 16 months planning, crafting and preparing, I am very glad satisfied with the results.” The bar section is also wholesome – from the lots in the menu, nothing beats the Uzuri Fresh (Mocktail). Though already big, Uzuri also hosts events to make it larger. Kindly follow their facebook page to discover the latest event.

Meal for Two: Rs 1800
Timings: Restaurant; 12 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. & 7 P.M. to 1 A.M. (Last Order for food 11:30 P.M.) Deck Section; 12 P.M. to 1 A.M. (Last order for food 12 P.M.)
Address: M-40, GK II, M-Block Market
Ph: (011) 4162-3623 & 4162-3625

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