10 worse Halloween costumes of all times

It’s good to be creative, but not fun to be TOO creative! And, this Halloween, you might want to choose your costumes carefully. It’s not only about social embarrassment, but you don’t want to look for a corner where you can stand in your costume without being disturbed;when your friends are having a gala time.


Okay! You’re having sex, but it’ll look better when you hit the floor with your face after few mugs of beer.


A Sheep! Interesting. I bet nothing happens, because you won’t make it to the end with your pants down


You’re coming out from the ‘V’, but you’ll not win the best dance of the evening with that thing on.


You are scary…, yaaa it’s halloween. But utterly gross too.


She’s like, I use that thing every month, like for four days. Bring it on!


You need to have really good friend to wear this. Lemme bring you beer.


That’s a cow, a very well-endowed cow–eight girls can gather and milk one each 😀


Is that a mattress? Must have used a gallon of catchup.


Oh Dear! There is a gang on the floor. Hello, what does it smell like up there?


Dad, can we go to the park? No darling, at the most we can only make it to the backyard with these on.



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